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It had been my dream for many years to someday have my very own BnB, having always loved hosting gatherings of friends, preparing delicious meals and making them feel right at home. Blue Barn is the natural progression of my journey. Thanks to good fortune and a strong vision to create a simple, country, yet elegant and luxurious retreat, I became the owner of the previously successful “Cat in Your Lap” B&B in the winter of 2015. This blessing has come with the inspiring challenge to both retain the rustic charm and beautiful architecture of the original 1830 home, while making it my own. It is my intention to provide all the comforts necessary for a luxurious escape from the cares of the modern world and my ultimate joy is to give you a relaxing, one of a kind experience here at the Blue Barn BnB!

In 1830 Benjamin Anson built a new cottage on a beautiful creekside property in Millbrook NY. That cottage has evolved throughout the years, additions were added in 1890, and is now Blue Barn Bed and Breakfast.  Also in 1890 the stable was built, which has been transformed into the Carriage House Suite. The murmur of the stream outside continues to calm the senses and gardens can be enjoyed growing on land that has provided beauty and bounty for hundreds of years. 

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